Books and cassette tapes for Spanish Language Study:
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These are the top-selling book and cassettes/CDs for Spanish study. Click on the links for price and availability information or to order from Save up to 40% by ordering online! (Click on the links for pricing and availability.)

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 #1   501 Spanish Verbs
Indispensable for any student of Spanish, this book not only contains the full conjugation tables for over 500 Spanish verbs, one per page, but also contains related words and expressions on almost every page as well as tourist phrases and verb drills and tests in the back. The smaller pocket-sized edition contains 300 verbs in exactly the same format on smaller pages. The pocket-sized book has no tourist phrases, drills or tests, but the durable vinyl cover makes it easy to carry with you in your pocket or school bag.

 #2   Complete Idiot's Guide
Complete Idiot's Guide to Learning Spanish on Your Own
Brand new edition released April 1999. Completely revised and updated! Idiot-proof steps to help you learn to speak Spanish like a native.
 #3   American Heritage Larousse Dictionary
 #4   Spanish for Gringos
Spanish for Gringos: Shortcuts, Tips and Secrets to Successful Learning
 #5   Learn in Your Car
Learn in Your Car (3 hours audio plus learning guide): Vocabulearn, Music Enhanced (90 minutes each): Global Access (Learn in Your Car plus Vocabulearn combined, 4 cassettes each): Vocabulearn Beginners Spanish: Language Learning With a Rock Beat (30 minutes, over 250 words and phrases on each)
 #6   The Oxford Spanish Dictionary
The Oxford Spanish Dictionary: Spanish-English/English-Spanish
The Oxford Spanish Dictionary: Spanish-English/English-Spanish (New Intl Ed)
The Oxford Spanish Desk Dictionary: Spanish-English/English-Spanish
The Oxford Spanish Dictionary

The Oxford Color Spanish Dictionary: Spanish-English English-Spanish/Espanol-Ingles/Ingles-Espanol
The Oxford Starter Spanish Dictionary
 #7   Living Language Complete Courses
Complete Course (coursebook, dictionary, 3 hours of audio): Ultimate Spanish (book plus optional 3 hours of audio): All-Audio Spanish (6 hours plus listener's guide):
 #8   Side by Side Grammar
Side by Side Spanish & English Grammar
Lado a Lado Gramatica Inglesa y Espanola; Side by Side English and Spanish Grammar
 #9   The New Oxford Picture Dictionary
 #10   Rapanese
Rapanese (The Musical Method Of Learning Spanish):
 #11   Barron's Mastering Spanish
Barron's Mastering Spanish (Foreign Service Institute)
 #12   Wicked Spanish
Wicked Spanish

Mierda!: The Real Spanish You Were Never Taught in School
Mas Mierda!: More of the Real Spanish You Were Never Taught in School

Street Spanish 1: The Best of Spanish Slang
Street Spanish 2: The Best of Spanish Idioms
Street Spanish 3: The Best of Naughty Spanish
 #13   Pimsleur's Speak and Read Essential Spanish
(The lessons on these tapes and CDs are the same as on Sybervision tapes and CDs.)

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