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 Press Ctrl+D to bookmark this page., in partnership with in France, offers you access to over half a million books, CDs, videos and CD-Roms including every book available in France, shipped to you anywhere in the world.

Fast, economical shipping

Shipping charges are based on a flat fee per order which varies according to where you are in the world. For example, delivery charges are just under US$10 for 12-day delivery to North America and just $7 more for 6-day service.

On average, items are shipped 10 days after your order with payment is received.

Convenient, secure payment

Easy payment by credit card on a secure Web connection gets your order processed fastest, but you have other options such as faxing your card number or mailing a Eurocheque.

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* You must have a French SECAM video system to play videos from France.

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